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Longing for the Wind by Xeikkeiu Longing for the Wind by Xeikkeiu
(Please full-view, the colours in the preview image are messed up for some reason)

Trying out a new style for painting :)

It's Sanyuki from my book-in-progress, Endless Rain.
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Quite nice! I really enjoy the greyscale and subtle colours you used. The simple, soft, kind of blurry painting style certainly adds to the feel of it, and your expression is nice.
So, now for the issues. I'll go from least to most subjective. The most obvious is the anatomy. the body is proportionally too small compared to he head, and the arms are way too short. The breasts are also pushed too far forward.
It's a bit unclear what she is wearing, if anything. The lack of folds and hard shadow under the breast suggests that there is no clothing, yet the flatness between the breasts and form at the bas of the neck suggests a tight sweater or shirt. Part of the issue also comes from the shading/pattern of the shirt. The transition from white to black is too hard to be a shadow, yet too soft to be an edge of a fabric stripe. It looks more like a transition to a counter-shaded belly, which is common on anthros. Shirts are more likely to have panels of different colours sewn or woven into them, so where two colours meet will generally be sharper.
At least to my eyes, her hair looks a bit stiff instead of being blown in a soft breeze. I think it's because of the straightness and uniformity of the locks mixed with the bangs looking static. Maybe using some more curves and more random heights and shapes would look more natural? Look at references of hair blowing in the wind to get a better idea.
In my opinion, the face and the sweater/body look like they were painted in slightly different styles. While fabric has a different texture than skin, that doesn't look like a fabric texture. Maybe making the brush on the sweater/body smaller and using shorter strokes all in the same direction might have given more of a subtle texture.
Finally, this is something that is more subjective, but I feel like the composition could be stronger by either placing her on the same sized canvas more to the left, which would divide the canvas diagonally into positive and negative space, or adding space to the left side of the canvas, which might make her gaze appear longer.
All aside, well done, and lovely work!
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Definitia Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Aww, sad as always... But I love the hair.

Haha, "More from *Xeikkeiu" is suggesting me this: [link]; it's hard to believe it's been effin' NINE YEARS! And San is still kinda similiar to that (waaay) older version...
You know, it's kinda sweet that you still think about the same characters after such a long time. Especially that time during which one changes the most, I think.
Xeikkeiu Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Haha yes, San always tend to have the same facial expression when I paint her XD Sad, kind of longing and grieving.. You know, I should really paint her in different situations haha.

Awww ^^ God that picture is so old. My lethans/krawks have been with me for a long time. I've never given up on trying to write down their story, and I'm closer than ever now. Do you know what's amazing too? That you're still here, and were talking after all those years :hug:
Definitia Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
I guess you have no choice but to finally let this story out of you then! :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

The funny thing is, I still remember well how I ended up on your page all these years ago. At that time, I was (of course) playing neopets like crazy. On neos, I stumbled upon that one person (we probably both know who it is and what is their dA name, at least I remember it well but won't link to them here for obvious reasons) with some unique krawk designs, and thought, that oh my God, she's so cool, she draws sooooo well etc. Well the truth is, they had pretty awesome drawings, I still remember all the little dragon scales and all, but that's not the point. I remember that on their page, there were some people making a fuss that someone is stealing from her and what not. So I went to see and thought that weeeelll, the drawings are kinda similar, but that you're nicer than them or something like that XD So I somehow started to give you feedback and here I am xD
Haha this is so weird xD And kinda funny, too. You know, even if you did draw inspiration from this person's works, how is that wrong? Everyone does that at some point, it's part of growing, improving and all. And their little "fans", they were making such a fuss... I think that when people react like that, they are, at least partially, trying to impress someone... But that doesn't matter now. Thanks to all your work throughout these years you now have your own awesome and unique style and don't have to compare to anyone.
Haha, sorry for this weird long story comment xD
Xeikkeiu Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Haha oh god I remember those times... I kinda miss them, but I'm also glad that they're over.
I sincerely admired that person, and I still do very much, and her fans accusing me (and to some degree she did as well) was heartbreaking. I was very inspired by her, in fact I can now see that I was -too- inspired by her, I admit that. That's part of my I want to change my username, because it was inspired by her pet's names - I wanted to do something in the same style, but it just doesn't fit anymore and it feels copied XD

So, while I look back and shudder at how bad I was at drawing back then, I must say I'm a bit impressed that i kept drawing. Those flamers could have easily made someone quit. I think I didn't, because I knew inspiration is not a crime (although I do understand that some things were a bit too close to her creations) and that I enjoy drawing too much XD haha.
Those flamers have grown up as well, they don't do stuff like that anymore, and some of them even ended up becoming my friends.

Thanks so much for thinking my style is unique :hug: Having you as a friend on dA, even though we don't talk very often, is one thing that helped me to continue drawing :) I needed that support, especially back then, and everyone that stood up for me.. It is truly heartwarming!
Hiorou Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Well, if I can say.... she got a fabulous hair, she definitly use Loreal!
Xeikkeiu Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hahahha XD I think so too!
Hiorou Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I knew it!
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